Aanchal Malhotra

Graduate Student
Boston University

Dr. Aanchal Malhotra is a computer science researcher with over eight years of experience in design and security of Internet protocols using tools from cryptography and insights gained from network measurements & simulations. Dr. Malhotra serves as Security Area Directorate (SecDir) at Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) and is an active participant at Network Time Protocol (NTP) & Domain Name System (DNS) working groups. She has authored several technical papers and an RFC on attacking & securing NTP and the implications of vulnerabilities in timing protocols on security of other critical applications. She has led and collaborated on several projects - with industry partners including Cisco, Akamai, NLnet Labs - such as static code analyses of NTP’s reference implementation and designing more robust and secure NTP architecture. She also played an instrumental role in launching the first secure public time service offered by Cloudflare.

Aanchal Malhotra received her Masters in Science with specialization in cyber security and a Ph.D in computer science from Boston University.