AccuBeat is a leading provider of highly Accurate Frequency and Timing solutions deployed in Defense, Critical Infrastructures, HLS, Aerospace, Telecommunications and Research. Based on Rubidium Atomic Clock technology with optional GNSS disciplining, NTP and PTP capabilities, AccuBeat’s products achieve the highest levels of accuracy, stability and reliability. Our products and platforms are deployed by the USAF, Project Galileo, the European Space Agency (ESA), Tier 1 Defense Integrators, Tier 1 Telecoms and many other customers worldwide.

Nowadays more and more Critical Infrastructures, devices, systems and platforms rely on timing from GNSS – making these environments prone to jamming, spoofing, interference and other time related cyber attacks. AccuBeat has developed solutions and systems that can detect and identify threats to the GNSS system and ensure continuous and uninterrupted accurate timekeeping and synchronization even in a GNSS denied or threatened environment.

At “Time and Money” AccuBeat will present its patented Time FireWall, a unique solution protecting financial timing networks and other critical infrastructures against Jamming and Spoofing attacks. AccuBeat solutions will protect your Time and Money and ensure continued operations where other systems fail.