OPNT (Optical Positioning, Navigation and Timing) is a “timing as a service” provider for highly accurate and GPS-independent time distribution. The OPNT offering is a terrestrial-based global Position, Navigation, and Timing (PNT) system designed with the capability of outperforming GPS. The core concept makes use of the existing fiber-based telecom infrastructure and transforms this into a fully distributed and highly redundant UTC-synchronized atomic clock, resulting in a very cost efficient, wide area timing solution with accuracy levels ranging from milliseconds down to 100’s of picoseconds. In addition to the delivery of wireline-based time/timing in standardized formats that users of time are accustomed to, OPNT incorporates the use of that fiber-based time distribution for the support of wireless-based time dissemination as well. Furthermore, OPNT uses the fiber-based time capability coupled with wireless technology to monitor the time distribution within multiple wireless transmission systems, including GPS. Building on top of this wireless monitoring capability is the ability to provide time corrections in real-time for existing wireless infrastructure like mobile networks. Each of these capabilities is delivered to customers via monthly, service-based pricing.