Time and Money 2020:
ATIS Workshop on Distributed Ledger Technologies and Timing

January 28, 2020 • New York Stock Exchange

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Learn from the experts about the critical role of timing and synchronization in enabling security and authentication within a distributed ledger technology environment.

Distributed ledger technology (DLT) and clock-synchronized distributed transaction systems are creating innovative disruption in spaces typically occupied by traditional information repository methods and transaction ledgers. Precise and secure timing and synchronization are critical to advancing this revolution. The experts on this topic will convene at Time and Money 2020.

The event delivers important insight into the market impact of evolving DLT technologies and how precision timing increases the value of these offerings. It explains the critical role of precise time traceable to as well as leading-edge techniques to accomplish this. You will leave with a better understanding of clock-synchronized distributed transaction systems and their overall impact on DLTs’ future.

Time and Money 2020 will cover:

  • Timing and DLT 
  • What is Timing and What Issues are Associated With It
  • How DLT Will Revolutionize Secure Distribution in the Financial Marketplace
  • Timing in Virtualized and Cloud Environments
  • Reliability and Vulnerability of Precision Timing and the Effect on DLT Systems
  • Integrating IoT, DLT and Distributed Time Systems

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