High Accuracy Network Based Synchronization for GPS Backup Purposes

White Rabbit has been proved as a reliable and highly accurate synchronization protocol which is able to distribute timing using fiber based networks. This technology has already been used in finance, telecom and datacenter applications and it is foreseeable that its adoption will increase after the definition of the IEEE 1588 High Accuracy profile.

Following its collaborative spirit pushed by a dedicated community, White Rabbit is not intended to completely substitute backup systems, but to complement them with a highly accurate timing core network that will enable other technologies to provide the best performance.

The latest developments in terms of resiliency, monitoring or deploy-ability make this technology a prominent candidate to be used in the future as a backup to GPS. Several examples of White Rabbit deployments in real-life critical scenarios are presented in the poster.  Additionally, general ideas are presented about how a complete GPS backup system could be deployed efficiently across the US.