How to Troubleshoot, Commission and Monitor SMPTE ST 2059 PTP Systems for the Broadcast TV Industry

Thursday | 9:20 - 9:40 am

Every TV broadcast or sporting facility that is deploying SMPTE ST 2110 IP requires an SMPTE ST 2059 PTP infrastructure. Compared to analog black burst genlock infrastructure, PTP systems are complex and have many subtleties. If designed and implemented well, ST 2059 PTP systems can easily be deployed and commissioned. Unfortunately, there are many ways that system design and commissioning can go wrong, resulting in months or years of unexplained on-air glitches and gremlins.

This presentation will offer best practices for troubleshooting, and commissioning ST 2059 PTP systems developed from field experiences. Techniques to monitor based on the new SMPTE Recommended Practice will also be discussed. Both simple designs and advanced PTP over ST 2022-7 networks will be examined.