Multi-Domain Resilient High Accuracy Precision Timing Protocol

Tuesday | 10:55 - 11:15 am

Increasingly, the use of both PTP and Synchronous Ethernet over layer 1 and/or layer 0 optical transport is the architecture of choice for applications requiring both highly accurate and resilient time services. The aspect of high accuracy has generated innovations around the fundamental precision of the measurement processes. The work associated with White Rabbit is one example. More generally, there are innovative approaches beyond White Rabbit to achieve high accuracy time measurements that leverage both the carrier and PTP event messages to achieve high accuracy compliant with new requirements in revision 2.1 of IEEE 1588. These high accuracy measurements methods will be discussed with actual performance data.

Complementing the need for high accuracy is the need for resilient and accurate time transfer. Resiliency needs to be designed into the system to achieve both a robust and cost-effective operational solution in real deployments. One new and vital aspect of resiliency is the application of multiple clock domains over the optical interconnect to support high available of precise time in the event of both optical transport and/or local clock outages. This capability is moving out of the lab and into applications and this talk will examine the actual performance of this approach under relevant failure scenarios.