Update on IEEE-SA Certification of Power Profiles Used in the Smart Grid

Wednesday | 9:40 - 10:00 am

The current status of IEEE Certification for IEEE/IEC 61850-9-3 and IEEE C37.238 Power Profiles will be provided.  A summary of completed Pilot testing conducted at the University of New Hampshire's InterOperabiltiy Lab will be reported, as well as a discussion of ongoing and future directions.  This work builds upon earlier NIST sponsored efforts and the work of the IEEE Conformity Assessment Program (ICAP) to bring together Utilities and equipment vendors to form the IEEE 1588 Power Profile Certification Steering Committee (CSC).  Attendees will learn the benefits of the Certification program, how to participate with equipment and/or in the CSC (free for Utilities) and drive improvements into the relevant standards bodies, tool providers, and equipment manufacturers.