Experience from the Field

In this section, we invite talks and posters on practical experiences of synchronization in the field for all applications (e.g. Telecom, Industrial Automation, Automotive, Aerospace, Finance, Data Centers, Power, Broadcast, etc.), which may include:

  • Use-cases involving real deployments, including performance measurement from the field, deployment issues, and how they were resolved (if there were any)
  • Interoperability between equipment from different vendors; and possibly different operators
  • Projects and proof of concepts implementations with a synchronization focus
  • Failure scenarios and how the problems were detected and possibly avoided or resolved
  • Use-cases for managing a synchronization network in the field, how it is done and issues/concerns
  • Use-cases for setting up PTP synchronization distribution in the field. Are there any improvements that should be considered in current standards
  • How legacy timing signals were supported if that was an aspect of the deployment