Finance, Data Centers, Distributed Computing & Hybrid Clouds

Papers and Posters are requested that discuss the requirement for accurate time in Finance, Data Centers, Distributed Computing & Hybrid Clouds.

  • What are current and future drivers that are creating the need for very accurate and resilient time? Values created by accurate time, standards driving need for resiliency, etc.
  • How can Data Centers and Hybrid Cloud environments ensure Resiliency and Security of time for financial industries?
  • What technologies are being considered, and what are the challenges in delivering time in these applications? Resilient Network topology (single/multi-masters, distribution methods, equipment accuracy requirements, etc.), cross-site challenges, multi-company environments, very high-speed interfaces, security, etc.
  • How can datacenters contribute to the need of accurate and resilient time in a cost-effective manner? Leveraging data centers and global interconnectivity for distributing accurate and reliable time. Abstraction of time sources via datacenters.
  • Guidelines to build resilient architecture and challenges involved with evolution towards virtualized environments and stringent timing (NTP,PTP) requirements within datacenters.
  • Distribution of time across hybrid cloud environments. (Public/Private clouds). What are the challenges of implementing accurate time in a cloud environment?
  • Views on the future direction and importance of accurate and resilient time delivery in these applications.