Eric Colard

Head of Emerging Products, Frequency & Time Systems
Microchip Technology

Eric Colard runs Product Line Management for Emerging Products within the Frequency & Time Systems Business Unit at Microchip Technology. This includes 1588 Grandmasters such as TimeProvider 4100 to serve high accuracy needs for critical infrastructures such as telecom, utilities, and other markets. Eric started his career as an engineer in the networking arena working on X.25, frame relay and other protocols at companies such as Alcatel, CAP SESA Telecom. Eric then held product management and business development positions in networking, security, policy management at companies such as Novell, Tumbleweed (now Axway) and others. Eric joined Symmetricom in 2007 as Vice President of Business Development; he structured OEM agreements with companies like Alcatel-Lucent, Ericsson. Eric also architected and built the SyncWorld eco-system with many prominent partners to help with the industry adoption of the 1588 Precise Time Protocol. Symmetricom was acquired by Microsemi which itself was acquired by Microchip Technology. Eric has been involved in several timing and networking related organizations such as MEF, ITSF, WSTS and was recognized in 2014 as the award winner in the “Individual Contribution” category at the Small Cell Forum. Eric holds a master’s in computer science and telecommunications from Télécom Paris (also known as ENST or École Nationale Supérieure des Télécommunications) Paris, France.